What to Expect

Thanks for checking out my newly revamped website and blog where I will attempt to regale with you with my thoughts, observations, and occasional uncontrollable rants (always a fan favorite!).

Before you enter please be advised, I do not like Sarah Palin or guns; Sarah Palin with a gun just sets me over the edge. Consider yourself warned.

I also have a tendency to ramble, get distracted easily, and my spelling and grammar are that of a 3rd grader. Luckily my bad typing makes up for what I lack in spelling and grammar. Having said that, there is nothing I like more than to hear myself talk. Being inside my head is an experience that not only I should be burdened with.

In addition, I also promise to share my family recipes recipe (yes, I have one), and my best household hints like: ‘If you can’t remember what’s in the Tupperware in your freezer, just throw it out. No good can come from opening it. You can always buy new Tupperware.’

What I won’t be offering is life style advice, because let’s face it, I’m a hot mess. In fact, I will be soliciting helpful hints from all of you. Actually, I’ll be counting on all of you to be the therapist I’m too cheap to pay for. In any event my blog will not be boring.

So without further adieu, welcome to the party! Enjoy the all new nancyleegrahn.com!