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“A is for Agape, the position of my mouth when I realized that we must yet again fight for our reproductive rights. A is for the Audacity of any politician who believes that our reproductive choices are any of their business. A is for Avow, which is what we all must collectively do to silence them and defy them. A is for accountability, which comes in the form of our voice and a vote. And, finally, A is for Aligning with the Center for Reproductive Rights, who believe in our power and our worthiness and that we should never let anyone undermine them. AMEN! (…or, A-WOMEN, I like that!)”

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  1. I have been a fan of GH since the 80’s and have loved every single storyline they have ever done. GH is a great show, with a great cast – especially Nancy and even though I may disagree with your choice on the abortion issue, I think you have the freedom of that choice. I would add one other A to this list and that would be adoption. I was adopted and if my mom had had the choice to not have me, I wouldn’t be here. Also, I am a woman, who unfortunately, was barren and never able to have my own kids. It was a heartbreaking experience and the grief I experienced over that loss has been immense…. not that you would really care about that. I’m just saying, this issue is never just a black and white issue, there are many shades of grey.

  2. Oh Nancy, so sad to see this. I like your character on GH, and I like you. I would rather not know this about you. I am 40, and a mother of four. Can’t imagine eliminating any one of the four for any reason at all. Just don’t understand where the choice comes in. Why would I choose to kill my own? Agree with Stacylynn, adoption is a great option, or choice. The only thing I can think of that might be worse than abortion, is having to live with the choice of aborting my child. Don’t think it can ever be wrong to defend new life, 110% totally innocent new life. Think everyone has a right to life!! I wish you well Nancy, and pray for your conversion of heart. Good luck on GH.

  3. Very touchy subject that’s difficult to discuss. Their are so many unfortunate circumstances for women that need the right to choose. I don’t think I need to point them out. However, we need to be more sensitive when discussing women’s reproductive rights.

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