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  1. To understand the obstructionism in our congress over the last few years you should read: “Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives” by Robert Draper. From the night of Obama’s inauguration 14 members of the House of Representatives met and decided at all costs they would do whatever they needed to do to make Obama a one term president even at the downfall of our nation’s economy!

  2. The last act of defiance was to vote down the Jobs Act!
    I find it very hard to think that nearly half the country doesn’t see that this has been the case in nearly everything that has been introduced by President Obama’s administration. It’s pretty hard to get anything started when you have to take 2 steps back every time you take one forward!
    I just wish that politicians would do their jobs without having to “vote the party line” for fear of being kicked out of the club… They are supposed to have the county’s best interest at heart. Seems the only time the country is truly “united” is in the face of emminent catastrophy or invasion by a “visible” enemy.
    The Constitution enables the people of this country to “redo” government when it’s not working for the people any more… So I think it’s time to become creative and courageous with inventing a “no party until the work is done” government!
    Felt good to vent – lol
    Thanks Nancy for your wit and genuiness!

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