Welcome to the all new nancyleegrahn.com — my official website and now, blog!  Take a look around and make yourself at home.  I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you and read your comments — it’ll be as crazy and interesting as twitter and Facebook, but with plenty of extra space  for me to say whatever I want to say (…and you know I will).

22 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. New Sight Looks Great so far. Looking forward to More of Nancys Thoughts and Insights. She has a lot to Voice and I Am glad she can Share more with her new Blog

  2. You are why we watch GH and why we tweet! You are awesome! I love the Davis women of PC! I can’t think of a better more realistic family on TV. Alexis, Sam, Kristina and Molly get my GH vote always!

  3. You look great,as usual.I have admired your talent ever since I compromised with my lovely wife and we decided that we would share our evening entertainment between Orielly Factor and GH.Your character has had my appeal from day one.And I learned more about you personally,definately a challenging soul.(My wife and you have many similairities)She still dislikes Bill,but will listen to his opinion without hostilities.Give and take,thats what it is about.A blend of different opinions,that form the beauty of our link,It is so special.We do disagree from time to time,but we do it with it with kindness and honesty. It takes courage to stand for what you believe in,and Lord knows that there are plenty of places in this world that need disagreeable attention,but an 82 year old ,regardless of his OPINION,should be left alone.Your alleged comments against Mr. Eastwood have drawn questions in my mind about the ends of your cause. Brilliance is wonderful to behold,you will be old one day too

  4. HI there Nancy… can’t wait to read some more of your thoughts… early voting is now open in Ohio and I’m thinking about going down tuesday and casting my vote for Obama then… we have tickets to see him tomorrow… hope the weather holds out!! have a good day…


    now to figure out how to post a pic here..

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