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1/21/17 Women’s March Los Angeles


Lovely lunch yesterday with fellow Leading Lady Emmy Nominees. Sweet, sweet Mary Beth Evans hosted it, and unfortunately Jess Walton couldn’t make it, but we drank her portion of wine and then some. We ate, drank and gabbed from 1pm til 5:40. What a treat. And what a great group of fantastic broads. Pleased to sit among them


Kate and I resisting outrage fatigue today. We gotta keep marching. A generation stopped a war that way

4/30/17 Me and my date. #gh #DaytimeEmmys

July 2017 Greece

8/7/17 – ABC TCA’s

It started out innocently at ABC’s TCA’s last night (photo1) Then, Michael Easton informed me that while reaching for his hand, I reached for something else 1st, and the photographer caught it. (Photo2) My reaction (photo3) My offering to buy Michael Easton dinner. ((Photo 4) We are now dating!

9/1/17 ABC’s Day of Giving

Phone banking with my mates. American Red Cross #hurricaneharvey Wonderful, generous people on the line making donations.


Proud of my nephew Chris Gantz and the other amazing firefighters who not only save lives for a living, but volunteer their time to preserve the memory of fallen firefighters of 9/11, by traveling the country educating a new generation of the sacrifices of these great heroes. It was an honor to MC their Remembrance Rescue Project event yesterday in San Diego along with the United States Navy Band-Southwest, and the Color Guard. Beautiful day. Great cause. Well done, Toph. NCLYM


9 out of 10 men on this FDNY Rescue 5 Truck gave their lives for others 16 yrs ago today. #NeverForget

10-24-17 Mom made it to her Grandson’s wedding!!!!

12-21-17 Love. #christmas #joy #kateandme

12-24-17 Me and the finest women I know. @WendyGrahn @ShopatnordSuzi


So much love and appreciation for you today. May joy fill your lives, may love fill your hearts, and may sanity fill our world. Merry Merry to you great souls here. I love you greatly.

Grahn girls and grand-girls modeling Gram’s Homemade Xmas scarves from Senior living arts and class

1/20/18 – Women’s March Los Angeles

Spent an inspired day with some of my feminist friends at Women’s March LA Foundation along with a country of outstanding, determined citizens. Proud to be an American women, in yet another massively successful march to ensure truth, justice, and liberty for us all.

4/16/18 –  Ladies lunch

Lovely lunching with fellow leading lady noms. Thank you @ginatognoni for treating us to a 3 hour feast.

4/29/18 – Daytime Emmy’s

5/29/18 – Sign of the times. Lovely day on the lake

6/5/18 Primaries

The Grahn gals rocked their vote. A pretty cool mommy and me activity. What a privilege being able to vote truly is. Here’s to Democracy and having a say in it! Cheers!

July 2018 France


Just a bunch of great women sitting around talking about some important things.  ⁦@MauraWest⁩ ⁦@TamaraBraun⁩ ⁦@lisalocicerogh⁩ ⁦@HayleyErin#gh#MeToo#TimesUp Good on ya ⁦⁦@valentinifrank⁩ ⁦@nathanvarni⁩ ⁦@GeneralHospital⁩ 


I just found out that Trump will be President in 50 yrs.


Nothing like spending a Sunday moving ⁦@Kate_grahn⁩ into new apt that is 4 flights up with no elevator.


Today, I’m the proud owner of this incredible #ChuckBlackwell painting of my hero ⁦@GloriaSteinem⁩ from his “SHE” exhibit.


“When unique voices are united in a common cause, they make history. “


I have 2 Emmys and a 35 yr career on TV and my mother thinks my 18 seconds on ⁦@Jeopardy⁩ tonight is the highlight of my career.


Happy Halloween. Don’t Boo Vote



I sought advice from a man with an engineer degree, & had blue prints made & we still put the VOTE on backwards. Some ppl paint their face for sports, I do it for Democracy Happy Halloween.



In Finland it’s customary to own one of these. Doing my part to keep the Finnish forest floors clean.


Thanksgiving morning in Helsinki #grateful


So great to have my mom back in LA

Gram & a bunch of bikers showing off their wheels.


No better present. Thanks Santa. Merry Xmas to those that celebrate today. Continued Happy Holidays to others. Love, Me.


“Everything is possible, even the impossible” Mary Poppin Returns


Good morning


Dinner with my 1/2 Sicilian ragazzo… He cooked pasta Vongole con limone. .. e una baci perfetto. Una cena perfetto.


I did my thing at #WomensMarchLA




Just found out my portrait was top seller at the Soap Stars Benefit for Aging Ingenues. I paid in cash so no one will know it’s me. #TakawaysFromCohenHearing#Cohen#GH#TrumpThis


3 generations of love!


My nana and my mom. Mom is 90 today. I’m so lucky she was born. NCLYM Barbara Grahn. Happy forever, mom


@MauriceBenard⁩ and me after having our yodeling duet of “I Got You (outta jail) Babe” cut from the #GH#nursesball this year.


Easter is sweet.


The Bunny was here. #HappyEaster


I left the bunny in the car on a hot day. I killed him but it wasn’t premeditated or intentional. I ask for mercy.


Thank you all for expanding my birthday joy with your lovely wishes. Took in all the love and am sending it back at ya. I’m so damn lucky


This one is really good. ⁦@GeneralHospital#gh


Dinner with my girl ⁦@kate_grahn⁩ at NYC restaurant I used to waitress at while in school.


My contribution to #gh#NursesBall. A good actor should always hone their coma skills. ⁦@GeneralHospital#Emmy

Just saw this brilliant play written by & starring the magnificent @heidibschreck I’m now reading the pocket constitution they pass out as a take home gift. Hey, did you know our country has laws??? Turns out it does and they’re in need of a serious update.


Had a bagel in #ChiTown with Chicago’s treasure ⁦@RexHuppke⁩. Everyone should be following him & reading him @chicagotribune⁩ His tweets make my day everyday. Love this guy, you will too.


I wore the only orange I had today @ #gh event to support survivors & honor victims. ⁦@shannonrwatts⁩ ⁦@Everytown⁩ ⁦@MomsDemand⁩ . Do care with your vote.


The love I’ve felt from all of you has lifted my spirit beyond words. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. While I wear this mourning pin as is tradition of the Jewish faith, I respectfully put a smiley face on it, cause I’m actually celebrating her 90 yr love filled awesome life


Right now.


Celebrating our magnificent mom by loving each other. #Sisterweekend#Montecito#PinnyPerfect


If I could just put this ocean in my front yard, I’d do this everyday.


They kidnapped me and it was so traumatizing for them, they all threw themselves off the plank. I’m fine. Aaargh!


Lucky @kate_grahn hangin with mommy’s boss & senior executives along with aunt @kellymonaco1 & uncle @wallykurth Disney does not disappoint. Kate still believes in magic & that the happiest place on earth is Disneyland. For me it’s a 5 star hotel but Mickey’s house is a close 2nd


Ok ok, you can have a car for graduation. @kate_grahn


With my soon to be husband in his hometown, Eugene Oregon, right in the spot where he got his 1st kiss.