Nancy’s 2018 CA ballot

This is my intended ballot for Nov 6th. I have researched several sources but mostly conferred with my most informed friend, Adrian Elliot.

Offices (ballots vary—when in doubt, vote Democrat) 🏛

Governor: Gavin Newsom
Lieutenant Governor: Eleni Kounalakis
Secretary of State: Alex Padilla
Controller: Betty T. Yee
Treasurer: Fiona Ma
Attorney General: Xavier Becerra
Insurance Commissioner: Ricardo Lara
United States Senator: Diane Feinstein

State Board of Equalization, 3rd District (SoCal): Tony Vazquez
United States Representative, 33rd District (LA): Ted W. Lieu
United States Representative, 28th District (LA): Adam B. Schiff
United States Representative, 30th District (LA): Brad Sherman
United States Representative, 25th District (LA): Katie Hill
United States Representative, 48th District (OC): Harley Rouda
United States Representative, 45th District (OC): Katie Porter
State Assembly, 50th District (LA): Richard Bloom
State Assembly, 45th District (LA): Jesse Gabriel
Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony K. Thurmond
Los Angeles County Assessor: Jeffrey Prang
Los Angeles County Sheriff: Alex Villanueva

Justice Confirmations 👨🏻‍⚖️

Carol A. Corrigan: NO
Leondra R. Kruger: Yes
Victoria G. Chaney: NO
Helen Bendix: Yes
Elwood Lui: Yes
Victoria M. Chavez: NO
Luis A. Lavin: Yes
Halim Dhanidina: Yes
Anne H. Egerton: Yes
Nora M. Manella: Yes
Thomas Willhite: NO
Dorothy C. Kim: Yes
Carl H. Moor: Yes
Lamar W. Baker: Yes
Arthur Gilbert: Yes
Martin J. Tangeman: Yes
Gail R. Feuer: Yes
John L. Segal: Yes
Tricia A. Bigelow: NO

Judicial Offices ⚖️

Office №4: A. Verónica Sauceda
Office №16: Patricia (Patti) Hunter
Office №60: Tony J. Cho
Office №113: Javier Perez

California Statewide Propositions 🐻

1: YES — $4 billion in bonds to fund existing affordable housing programs.
2: YES — Uses a “millionaire tax” (on incomes of $1 Million or more) to fund housing for people with mental illness.
3: YES—Bonds to fund important water infrastructure projects.
4: YES—Bonds to fund improvements to children’s hospitals.
5: NO—Would cut taxes for elderly property owners who sell their properties, resulting in $1 billion in annual losses for schools and local governments.
6: NO—Would repeal a gas tax that was already approved in 2017 to fund road repairs and public transit.
7: YES—Allows the legislature to do away with stupid, archaic seasonal time changes (we’d be on Daylight Savings Time year-round).
8: YES—Regulates dialysis clinics. Look no further than who’s funding the opposition: dialysis clinics themselves, with $66.97 million donated by DaVita alone.
9: {Removed from ballot}
10: YES—Allows cities and counties to enact or expand rent control if they wish, at their discretion.
11: NO—A cunning move by ambulance companies (chiefly American Medical Response) that would absolve them of liability in pending employment lawsuits, this proposition is a total ruse and they’ve spent $22 Million to support it. All emergency medical personnel I’ve spoken to strongly advise a NO vote here.
12: YES—Sets minimum space requirements for egg-laying hens, pigs, and baby cows; bans the sales of meat and eggs from farmers that aren’t in compliance; requires all egg-laying hens to be cage-free by 2022. We can afford it.

Los Angeles County & City Measures 🌴

W: YES—Water quality protection and improvement.
B: YES—Allows the City of Los Angeles to create its own financial institution, sort of (but not quite) like a credit union.
E: YES—Lines up the dates of City and State elections for increased efficiency!
EE: YES—Lines up the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education’s elections with the State primary for increased efficiency!

I hope this helps.

This is by many historians accounts, the most important election in history. We have the power to salvage our Democracy from what is rapidly turning into a fascist regime that has taken over 3 branches of our government. It is not hyperbole, it is in fact, quite real and seriously alarming.

Please remember that you either vote by voting or you vote by staying home and tacitly doubling the value of a Trump supporter’s vote. And if you are supporting Trump, you are supporting hate, bigotry, racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, injustice, inhumanity and cruelty. This is no longer about party allegiance, or red or blue teams… it’s about right and wrong. While I feel that it is our civic duty to vote, it is still a choice. Make it a good one, for we will all be answering for this vote for generations to come.