Roe v Wade

I was 25 years old when I became pregnant. I was diligent about using birth control yet I became pregnant regardless.

I was living with and financially supporting myself and my boyfriend at the time. When I realized I was pregnant I was shocked, scared, and overwhelmed. But I was never uncertain about how I felt and what I knew. I knew I was not ready, prepared, or willing to be a mother at that time. I never once wavered in my belief that this was not the man with whom I wanted to, or should raise a child. Simply put, I was resolute in my decision to terminate my pregnancy, and grateful for those that tirelessly fought for my right to make that decision about my own body, and my own life. I was relieved that I lived in a time where I would not be shamed, confronted or harmed by others while walking into my nurturing doctor’s office for this safe and legal procedure.

While my spiritual beliefs are irrelevant in the sense that I don’t need to justify an act that is legal in this country, I’m going to share with you what’s very personal to me, in hopes that it may open the minds of those that think they have a monopoly on what is right or wrong, or what is true and what is not.

I am a very spiritual being. I believe deeply in the connection between heaven and earth. I do not follow any specific religion but my faith is strong, and it is mine.

In regards to birth, I do not believe a fetus is a human being until it can survive outside of the womb…until it can breathe on its own. I believe the soul enters the body after it is separated from its mother. Until then it is somewhere outside of us.

When I found out I was pregnant, I went to sit in The Little Brown Church on Coldwater Canyon. I chose this church only because I love church structures, it was quiet, close, and no one was ever there. I sat there for 3 to 4 hours every day for a week, and communed with this soul, who I believed was around me for a reason. My sister had been trying to have a baby for two years and I asked this soul if it would either wait for me until I could be the mother I wanted to be and the mother a baby needed, or go to my sister who was ready now. She would love him the way that I would want a baby to be loved. My sister Suzi gave birth to my nephew Josh, nine months to the day after my abortion.

The entirety of my short pregnancy and abortion was a deep and transcending experience. It is my story. It is my truth, and no one else’s. It belongs to me, and I cherish it. It helped me evolve me as a person, and fueled my desire to be a good mother into actual manifestation when I gave birth almost 20 years later to the love of my life, Kate. It was ultimately a profound experience for which I have no regrets.

There are still those that insist on continuing to chip away at, or out and out deny us, our legal and rightful choice to control our own bodies, as well as our choice to decide when or if we become mothers. Their truth is theirs, not ours. Their relentless obsession with trying to correct us in the name of their faith is wrought with hypocrisies. Their obsession with trying to suppress us is suspect at best, and will never be satisfied, because it is wrong. They can never win this, because we won’t let them. It is 2020 and they are still invading while we continue to stop them. There is a world of women and children right here, right now, homeless, parentless, starving, being raped and slaughtered that need and want their attention, we don’t. It is time for them to move on. If they are really so pro-life, it’s time they focused on the living.

Since 1989, I have been diligent and unyielding in supporting, defending, and championing a women’s right to have access to safe and legal abortions in facilities that are also safe, legal, and available for EVERY WOMEN.

I stand proudly with Planned Parenthood and all the reproductive health clinics all over America that love, nurture and respect all women regardless of their race, income or zip code.

Nancy Lee Grahn

Register to Vote

Intrinsically, if you are here on my page, we are already singing the same choir song, so sing along with me. But for those that need an extra dose of encouragement, a validation, an explanation, or are just curious eyes looking to see what I go on about, this is for you. 

If I accomplish nothing from this website other than to galvanize Americans to register and vote, it will be worth having it. 

If I can convince even one person that it is “we the people” who govern this nation, not the few in Washington DC, and we must take ownership of that responsibility, it is of value to me. 

If I can encourage most here who already fully comprehend the perilous moment we are now in and instigate them into even greater activism, that is a win for me. A big win. 

Here’s the thing. My honest belief is that no one has a monopoly on the truth, and that regardless of our values & policy leanings, we are all made up of the same stuff. We are all human beings with beating hearts and according to the laws of physics, connected to one another. Therefore, it seems we should look out for each other, endeavor to be fair to each other and remain unyielding to those who don’t choose that. We owe it to each other to participate positively in the evolution of our humanity as well as our planet and be uncompromising to those who stand in our way. We collectively and individually are given a voice and a right to be heard. We are guaranteed that through our vote. It is through that vote, we are not only heard, but we have the opportunity to enhance the voice of others who may need it amplified the most. That is exactly why it is imperative to make sure that our vote is not just about ourselves, but for the greater good of others. This requires taking a personal inventory of our own values and how we apply them when we vote. What does our values system say about ourselves and how does it affect others?  I actually think it is every citizen’s responsibility to contemplate this, as well as take time to get educated and involved in our democratic process. Apathy, disinterest, frustration, inability to find the time or motivation is simply not acceptable. It is not someone else’s job to fix things. It is ours. All of ours individually and collectively. Please make sure you are registered. Ask everyone you know if they are registered and if they are not, encourage them to do it. If you don’t register, you can’t vote. If you don’t vote you are saying you don’t matter. You matter. We all do. Tag your friends. #NationalVoterRegistrationDay


When I first found out that I was pregnant, I went outside and wished on a star for Kate as I did every night for years. I told her that night that I was ready for her and if she was ready for me, I’d be grateful to be her mom. Within minutes that star literally shot across the sky from right to left cementing my faith in the connection between heaven and earth. I have since called her “my shooting star” 

Kate is truly a most beautiful soul. Truthfully, she came in that way. All I did was water her and love her. The joy of being her mom is beyond measure. I can say in all candor that I’ve never been unhappy even a day because of Kate. Being her mom was and is the blessing I’ve always hoped for. The love we share for each other is as we say, “around all of the Universes infinity times”…incalculable & never ending. 

Sunday is Kate’s 21st birthday. Today Kate releases her single “Someday Baby” It would mean so much if you would help me celebrate her by listening to her song. 

Thank you,
Nancy Lee

Donna Messina

I cannot put into words the loss that we at General Hospital feel for our beloved Donna Messina. She made our faces more beautiful, our confidence better, our sins covered ( the amount of times she lied to cover our asses was incalculable.) She defended our honor, (I for instance, in her eyes could do no wrong.. and if you follow me you know I do ALOT of things wrong) She was Sicilian in her love for her actors….if you crossed us she would burn your house down….. with you in it. She loved like no other.

Even still, we knew that NOTHING meant more to her than her 3 sons. She was going to work until their college education was paid for and then retire with her Nick. Plans were altered at 59. We wish to pick up where she left off. If you feel so inclined to leave a dollar or more, it will go to love for both GH and who we at Gh love….our Donna. Thank you so much.

Nancy’s 2018 CA ballot

I cannot state with more conviction how concerned I am for our future.

I cannot put into words how dark the trajectory of our country is headed without our immediate intervention.

In case you need a hand, I’ve done much research on candidates, judges, propositions and state measures. Here’s my ballot for midterms with some explanations for CA voters to peruse. Hope it helps.

Nancy’s 2018 CA ballot