Israel & Palestine

I’ve been reading to educate myself more about the history of Israel & Palestine. I’m seeing an uncomfortable amount of anti-Semitic comments against Israelis & unfair ones re Palestinians. These are some articles regarding Israel & Palestine that I think are worth reading. I will be adding additional content as I continue to learn.

Historical Background on the Situation in Sheikh Jarrah – By Adam Carr

Bernie Sanders: The U.S. Must Stop Being an Apologist for the Netanyahu Government

Responding to Senator Bernie Sanders – by David Harris

Hamas: Important Excerpt from Covenant

The Escalating Israel-Palestine Conflict – Trevor Noah

An open letter to Trevor Noah – By David Harris

Lapid: The people of Israel, Jews and Arabs, are far better than this

Netanyahu Is Playing With Fire With the Democrats

Breaking the Silence: Israeli Soldiers Come Clean

Praying for peace, taking responsibility for our complicity