Donna Messina

I cannot put into words the loss that we at General Hospital feel for our beloved Donna Messina. She made our faces more beautiful, our confidence better, our sins covered ( the amount of times she lied to cover our asses was incalculable.) She defended our honor, (I for instance, in her eyes could do no wrong.. and if you follow me you know I do ALOT of things wrong) She was Sicilian in her love for her actors….if you crossed us she would burn your house down….. with you in it. She loved like no other.

Even still, we knew that NOTHING meant more to her than her 3 sons. She was going to work until their college education was paid for and then retire with her Nick. Plans were altered at 59. We wish to pick up where she left off. If you feel so inclined to leave a dollar or more, it will go to love for both GH and who we at Gh love….our Donna. Thank you so much.

Nancy’s 2018 CA ballot

I cannot state with more conviction how concerned I am for our future.

I cannot put into words how dark the trajectory of our country is headed without our immediate intervention.

In case you need a hand, I’ve done much research on candidates, judges, propositions and state measures. Here’s my ballot for midterms with some explanations for CA voters to peruse. Hope it helps.

Nancy’s 2018 CA ballot